December Meeting Recap

The final meeting of 2019 was well attended and full of many exciting events. After the opening, Compatriot John Wassell shared the story of his grandfather, Dr Corydon Wassell, a hero of World War II who led the evacuation of injured sailors from the island of Java and inspired the movie, “The Story of Dr John Wassell”. Compatriot Wassell’s talk was a great success and enjoyed by all. Following the talk, Compatriot Wassell was presented a Speaker’s Certificate by President Gary Page.

Compatriot Wassell receives a Speaker’s Certificate from Chapter President, Gary Page

The next order of business was the drawing for the winner of our Musket Raffle, the drawing was done by Mrs Beth Wassell, DAR, the wife of Compatriot Wassell as an honored guest.

Mrs Beth Wassell, DAR, draws the winning ticket in the 2019 Musket Raffle

The winner of the 2019 Robert Forsyth Chapter Musket Raffle is Compatriot Bill Fuqua from Centerville, GA. Congratulations to Compatriot Fuqua.

Following the drawing, chapter elections for the 2020 term were held. Compatriot Chris Russo introduced the proposed candidates from the selection committee:

  • President – Chip Van Alstyne
  • Vice-President – Gary Page
  • Secretary – Gary Page (Acting)
  • Treasurer – David Johnson
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Tom Slaugther
  • Genealogist – Chris Russo
  • Historian – John Flikeid
  • Registrar – Charles Meagher
  • The proposed list was accepted unanimously and the 2020 officers will be inducted at the Chapter Banquet on January 4th. Please RSVP to Chapter Secretary, Ed Rigel Jr, if you did not receive your invitation.

    Compatriot Emil Decker presented the proposed charter for the Events Committee and it was received for further review. Shortly after, President Page closed the meeting.