January – State President, Scott Collins presented “Georgia Puritans – or How Yankees became Swamp People” at the Annual Awards Banquest

February – Compatriot Emil Decker, State and Chapter Newsletter Editor, presented “The Revolting Counties of Georgia” a discussion of the Revolutionary underpinnings of the names of Georgia’s Counties.

March – Chapter President Chip Van Alstyne presented “Dutch in the Revolution” a review of New Netherlands, New York and the impact of Dutch settlers on the Revolution.

April – Delayed meeting on April 19th, President Van Alstyne presented a talk on “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” a timeline and discussion of the events at Concord and Lexington leading to the first victory of the Rebels.

May – Compatriot Peter Stoddard spoke on the research he undertook to write his book “The Dawg that wouldn’t hunt” detailing meetings with Georgia luminaries far and wide.

June – Compatriot Peter Stoddard spoke about his ancestors and their roles in the Revolution as well as the history of the US and England.

July – No Speaker.

August – LASSAR President, Christopher Achee presented his talk on Louisiana in the Revolution. It detailed the role of the Spanish forces as they defeated the British in Baton Rouge, Mobile and Pensacola.

September – Robert Forsyth Past President, Gary Page presented a talk on the Bedford Flag which was carried by his family during the war.

October –

November – Susan Gillette-Meer, the Commander-in-Chief of the Descendants of Valley Forge showcased her organization’s history, role and future plans as well as the Encampment at Valley Forge. Many members of the chapter are members of the DVF and this talk was well-received.

December – NSSAR Director of Giving, Phillip Bloyd, spoke to the chapter on the process of donating to the NSSAR and presented a series of pictures of hte National SAR Library in Louisville, KY.