Bylaws and Awards

We recently re-discovered our Chapter Bylaws and Constitution. It has been uploaded to this website and is linked under the About -> Our Chapter page.

Our Chapter’s awards that have been presented to our members were also recently updated for the new 2022 Annual Banquet recipients (from years 2020-2021). We have also begun a list of all awards received by our members to ensure that their hard work is captured. Please update the Americanism Worksheet on the appropriate tab from the link provided via email.

The Awards Committee would like to know if you think someone deserves one of the many awards the SAR presents ona regular basis. We have begun writing a Chapter presentation on potential awards and would like to help you recognize a Compatriot (or yourself) for your contributions to our Society and/or the community. Please reach out to Vice-President Van Alstyne from the Officers page to begin the process.

Thank you.