The author of “The Well-Dressed Guardsman”, Emil Decker, showcasing his fine waistcoat

For 4 years and 3 editions, the sartorially splendid Emil Decker of the Robert Forsyth Chapter Color Guard has provided an invaluable service to those members of the SAR who desire to dress in a manner designed to honor their ancestors. His (nearly) annual guide “The Well-Dressed guardsman” has proven popular with all levels of folks with an interest in dressing well.

Due to the popularity of this document, we at the Chapter have decided to honor Emil and his work with its own page on our site to make it easier to find and to ensure that visitors can always access the most up to date version without following an outdated link.

2021 Edition of the Well-Dressed Guardsman

2019 Edition of the Well-Dressed Guardsman

2018 Edition of the Well-Dressed Guardsman