Flag Retirement Ceremony

A special joint Flag Retirement Ceremony will be held at Ingram Funeral Home in Cumming on June 22nd at 8am.  Joining with the Robert Forsyth Chapter will be the Piedmont Chapter and GASSAR President-General Collins as well as local Scout and Veterans organizations.

If you have a United States Flag you wish to have retired, please deposit it in the Flag Deposit boxes provided by The Robert Forsyth and Piedmont Chapters, GASSAR at the Home Depots in Dawsonville or in Cumming on Marketplace Blvd by June 15th. Or, you may contact the Robert Forsyth Chapter at [email protected] to inquire about alternate locations.

The Robert Forsyth and Piedmont Chapters join together in appreciation to Ingram Funeral Home for their many years of support for this honored practice.